User Interface

Obviously, the User Interface is the most important issue for an Application. Here's an updated view on how iPeng's UI should evolve

(iPeng 1.1) iPeng skin uses a Main Menu that is derived from the SqueezeCenter? menu structure. iPeng App uses a model based on iPhone's iPod application:

  • Configurable Toolbar at the bottom with four configurable Menu Items
  • Additional "... More" Menu item on the toolbar
  • -> Arrow switches over to NowPlaying screen
  • <- goes up in the browsing hierarchy
  • "... More" goes to a "real" Main Menu showing all available top level Menu items:
    • Search
    • Extras
    • Settings
    • Internet Radio (including Music Services)
    • + All "Browse By" options, e.g. "Albums, Artists, Genres,..."
    • Plugins show up under "Extras"
    • Settings allow the Configuration of the app itself plus stuff the server puts here.

Future option:

  • As opposed to the iPod Application, the "... More" Menu could have two levels, since SC has much more functionality. "Browse by..." items would then move into a subdirectory as Radios do now. All items from level one or two should be able to be put on the tab bar.

To Be Discussed:

  • Should "More" remember it's state or always immediately show the main menu (current implementation)? See #64


The menu pages that let you browse your music library or remote services.

NowPlaying Screens

The menu to control your players, servers and what's currently playing


How do we do playback? Should be better than on the skin.

Plugin Support

There are two ways to add plugin support for iPeng:


The SqueezePlay? menu system.
Currently (1.1) supported for all SBC/SqueezePlay menus that do not require LUA


Other plugins could be rendered using a UIWebView in combination with the iPeng plugin.
Is this needed/useful/worthwhile?

  • Pages would be rendered in an iPhone compatible HTML layout and displayed in a browser view within iPeng.
  • Links could be added through hreftemplates and cmdwrappers templates
  • Interaction through link hooks (within iPeng).
  • Could allow support of active contect through JavaScript? by providing a defined set of JavaScript? variables, probably compatible to the iPeng skin so that any plugin that works with the skin would also work with the application
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